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welcome to
I love the "Tales of..." series
Check out the Tales of Marathon Stream 2 hosted by AC Staff member PanbanRichard on Sunday, August 10th! Special guests within the community join in and a Tales of Xillia 2 CE giveaway will be held during the stream!

Check out the full post on Abyssal Chronicles' website!

I (ClesStahn) will be doing a live commentary with PanbanRichard
on the live stream this
Thursday, August 14th, 2014
And this is the URL for the "Tales of..." marathon stream
(which actually begins today August 10th, 2014):

This is the guest line-up for this year's "Tales of..." Marathon Stream:

- Aselia Con committee members Anthony, Matt & Jhericca
- Youtube challenge players Vercsase and dagoldenclip2
- Absolute Zero translator throughhim413
- ClesStahn, webmaster of Tales-Central &
- Shawn, webmaster of Tales Union
- Bandai Namco Games/Tales of Europe Community Manager Isshak
- Europe's 2013 Tales of Ambassador Shiina
- Europe's 2014 Tales of Ambassador Lex

Check out the August 9th, 2014 facebook post about the Marathon Stream 2, also, here on Abyssal Chronicles' facebook Page!
Welcome to "ClesStahn"!
I'm a big fan of the "Tales of..." series, and have been since about 1998-1999-ish. I used to run a website called "Tales Central" for years, and then a few precursor websites way back
before that.
My fandom of the "Tales of..." series has never burnt out, and I still have just about all of the same "Tales of..." information that I've always had, but I've chosen not to cover the series
in its entirety anymore.
But I love connecting with fellow fans of the "Tales of..." series! So make sure to find me--and find your fellow fans of the "Tales of..." series--in the various methods, social networking accounts, etc. on the connect with us page!
See you around!
"Phantasian Productions" has finally posted their English translation of the "Tales of..." video game "Tales of Phantasia" for Playstation!

This English translation patch has been about twelve years in the making! They've finally finished it, and they released it today! Check it out! Click here to get to their website:
These images were released by Phantasian Productions,
on their translation effort
So, I'm pretty sure you should read this.

Dragon Quest - Final Fantasy - "Tales of..." collaboration??

Check it out, here:

And let me know what you think on the Message Board.

Live commentary with ClesStahn, coming up on August 14th, 2014!
Details below:

Make sure you watch the second "Tales of..." commentary done by PanbanRichard of Abyssal Chronicles! Here are the details:

Tales of Marathon Stream 2 Celebrating
Tales of Xillia 2's Localization Announced